Our fabric manufacturing process is equipped with the latest machinery ensuring quality is maintained at every stage of the process. The manufacturing process starting from raw material to the finished product is entirely completed in-house.

Raw Material

We are using 4A Grade or 5A Grade yarn from China in order to maintain our quality standards. Some quantities of indigenous yarn are also used in order to obtain a special feel and texture to the fabric.


Over 200 gms. of silk yarn is wound on a single package with a synchronised gearbox ensuring even winding.


Twisting is done evenly on our sophisticated twisting machines with a capacity of producing 3200 spindles.


Our warping machines prepare beams with 400-spindle creel.


Our weaving section has a state-of-the art pick and pick/ dropbox looms equipped with warp stop and weft filler. We impart value-added finishes to the fabric, which include Dobby and Jacquard.


The fabric after weaving is checked by experts and is also mended in order to remove extra threads and ensure that there are no defects in the fabric.

Degumming, Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing

We have our own bleaching and dyeing unit where the fabric is sent for processing. The dyeing unit uses environmentally friendly Azo-free dyes.

Final Checking and Dispatch

Our inspection team makes a final check on the fabric in order to ensure that only quality fabric is packaged and then dispatched to our customers.

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